Refelections on class, 7/14/08

T.A. McCann has obviously devoted a great deal of attention to focusing on how we use technology, particularly collaborative technology all the way down to email, to identify our pain and how his entrepreneurial efforts might alleviate it.

His business focus on the nexus of Community, Communication and Data Assets is a result of asking Where is all this going? (Community); What’s essential to facilitating it (Communication); and What can I provide that the people who want to do this better will pay for (Data Assets).

His latest venture, MineBox, squarely answers those questions, while also tapping into the leading issues on Chris Anderson’s Top Trends List: the Long Tail, and the limitless sources of information competing for our limited time and attention. MineBox seems like a killer app for T.A.’s low-hanging fruit — power salespeople and those who want to have any advantage over everyone else in the room when it comes to having the latest scoop on everyone else in the room.

Getting betting information in less time, and spending less time on low-return activities are current priorities of mine, so I followed T.A.’s link to the interview with Tim Ferris, author of “The Four Hour Work Week,” which I read a few months ago. Ferris outsources the labor of filtering his email.  I recommend the interview for the time-challenged like myself.  Or do I?  I devoted 30 minutes to watching the interview and another 30 to checking out various outsourcing and time-tracking sites Ferris mentioned — an hour I had scheduled to use for a work-related task that I can’t outsource, and which I now have to claw back by bumping something else on my To Do list.  Be careful our there.


One Response to Refelections on class, 7/14/08

  1. kegill says:

    Terry, what did you think of The Four Hour Work Week?

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