Reflections on class – 6/30

My primary attraction to this class is that, among the varied the topics pertaining to digital media, economics is where the rubber meets the road. Digital media is upending many paradigms of communication, business, entertainment and social engagement, but the ultimate, even Darwinian, test of whether a new way of doing anything endures is how well it does in the marketplace.

And while I’ve seen the economics of the advertising/marketing communication profession change dramatically and impact my personal bottom line, my perspective has always been reactive. At best, I’ve stayed abreast of how digital properties and business models are succeeding or failing at monetization. And while I’ve observed and experienced the disruption and opportunity resulting from the new economic rules, I’ve not approached topics nor comprehended the forces in the context of classic economics. Monday’s class felt like a first step for me toward establishing that perspective.

Drew’s lesson on doing a critical review was very helpful, especially on defining what the review should accomplish. The advice to put on the reviewer’s hat from page one is a good discipline for me, especially with reads like “Long Tail” which are entertaining and thus make it easier to fool myself into thinking that it’ll be easy to go back later and take real notes.


One Response to Reflections on class – 6/30

  1. kegill says:

    Thanks for the feedback on Dru’s presentation. I don’t want him to finish his Phd- that means I have to find someone else!

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