Podcast and direct mail double-team to sell me a magazine subscription.

I’ve been effectively cross-marketed into purchasing a subscription to Business Week magazine.  I subscribed to the magazine’s podcast several weeks ago and liked it — a “behind the cover story” concept in which the magazine’s editor discusses the weeks lead story with the author(s).  The latest cover story is entitled: “Beyond Blogs: What Business Needs to Know. “

The story’s authors, Stephen Baker and Heather Green, had written an article in 2005 entitled, “Blogs Will Change Your Business.”  Their key message in 2005 was: “Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out.  Catch up or catch you later.”

In the recent podcast, Editor John Byrne, said that Business Week for the first time in its history decided to update an article.  The 3-year old “Blogs Will Change Your Business” was still one of the top hit-getters in the magazine’s online archive, but, as co-author Baker put it, a lot has happened in three years, including the success of YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace.  When the article was written, Friendster, was the closest thing to a hot social networking site. Tempus fugit, indeed.

He summed up the message of the updated article as “Social Media Will Change Your Business.”

I made a mental note to buy that issue of Business Week the next time I passed a newsstand. A few days after listening to the podcast, I received an old-fashioned subscription offer from the Business Week — not the first time — and it was a slam-dunk.  So, Business Week, if you’re wondering how to “monetize” your podcast, I am evidence that it sells subscriptions.


One Response to Podcast and direct mail double-team to sell me a magazine subscription.

  1. Terry,
    Thanks so much. Glad we were able to get you aboard as a subscriber!
    John A. Byrne

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