Summary of 2 Blogs and 2 Podcasts

Blog: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

A parody of what Steve would blog about if Steve blogged. I didn’t laugh once, but I am impressed that it’s become “a Site, and features advertising from Canon.

Blog: Breaking News and Opinion on the Huffington Post

Technorati listed this as the current “most popular blog” so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I counted 19 blogs posted on one day, covering all the topics you’d expect from a Huffington blog roundup. The writing here seems a notch above typical blog quality. This would be a good first stop for left-leaning readers who want to arm themselves daily for anything that might come up around the water cooler.

Podcast: Free Talk Live

You can take control of the airwaves – just call the toll-free number. This is a libertarian podcast with two co-hosts who do a good job of letting the callers drive the show. I like how they’ve hit upon filling a very distinctive niche – providing a forum for Libertarians, who typically get cut off after 30 seconds on mainstream radio call-in shows, to go on at length.

Podcast: Diggnation

Ranked at the current most popular podcast on Digg. I’d heard of these guys as the big podcasting success story. Production quality in the current episode is surprisingly poor, with one guy sounding like he’s inside a 55-gallon drum. They spent the first two minutes yammering that they’ve been nominated for a Webby. Banal banter, wit-free opinions and obnoxious sound effects. If this is all it takes to make a podcasting hit, excuse me while I quit my day job and find a kazoo.


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