Blogs and Podcasts I’m Following

Blogs: Wall Street Fighter <;

The taglines for this blog is “Insider News From the Outside.” and “The Funny Side of Trading.” I found it doing in a search for “Humor in Business,” to see if there are any other blogs or podcasts attempting to be funny about business and finance (so far, this is one of the few blogs and I’ve found no podcasts with an approach similar to my concept for “Where’d the Money Go?”)

Advertising Age: Garfield, the Blog <;

Bob Garfield is a venerable critic for Advertising Age magazine and is co-host of NPR’s On the Media. I have a bad habit of letting weeks go buy without paying close attention to what is happening in what is still my fundamental profession — advertising — and I can count on Garfield to keep me current.


Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter for all self-promoters, from the timid to the fearless.”

The tagline is “Zen marketing for all self-promoters, from the timid to the fearless. Heidi Miller, a successful small-business guru/public speaker has been producing this podcast for 4 years. She seems to do a comprehensive job of giving sound advice to small businesses on how to leverage new media.

Slate Culture Gabfest

Steven Metcalf, Slate’s Critic-at-Large, Julia Turner, Slate’s Culture Editor, Dana Stevens, Slate’s Film Critic had an interesting, civilized discussion on “The viability of personal virtue” relevant in recent news stories on global warming, ethics failures in the travel writing industry, and Errol Morris’s latest documentary about Abu Gharaib prison. I liked that the show had an umbrella theme and managed to cover diverse and current cultural ground while staying under it. They made me want to tune in to hear what they take on next.


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