Where’d the Money Go?

Today’s title is potentially that of weekly entertainment podcast, a kind of “Daily Show” or SNL “Weekend Update” news spoof that focuses on issues of business and personal finance. The intro might go like this:

“What’s in your wallet? If your answer is ‘Nothing!’ then join us for ‘Where’d the Money Go?’ a weekly roundup of business news from the front lines of the Bush economy.”

The biggest challenge of executing this concept is obvious: coming up with enough funny material to fill at least five minutes a week. This material could be standard news fare delivered by the shows anchorperson, me most likely. News items such as:

“With the price of rice tripling over the past year, Kellogg today announced the layoffs of two of its most venerable employees, Snap and Crackle. Upon learning that Rice Krispies would now only make the sound of ‘Pop,’ nervous principals across the country immediately banned the cereal from school cafeterias.”

“The student loan industry is feeling the squeeze of the current credit crunch, and many students are scrambling to find money for tuition. The White House came to the rescue today with a proposal to provide low-interest loans to students who agree to work in low-paying public service jobs for two years after graduating. Students who qualify could borrow up to $50,000 over four years. Upon graduation they will work as housekeepers, gardeners, chauffeurs and nannies for strapped hedge-fund managers who have been forced to cut back as a result of the subprime mortgage crisis.”

The other staple feature of this format would be interviews with real or fictional business news makers and personal finance gurus. If anyone knows of this concept being executed elsewhere please point me to it.


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